The work horse of the family The stylish yet
functional Utility features a deep "pick-up"
style bed with convenient third door access
to the cargo area


The sister to the Tropic, the Sport is a four door four
seater. The stylish "air-doors" provide some
protection from the elements while maintaining
a cooling flow of air. Equipped with all the iT's
standard features.


The Sedan is a four-seat, four door multi-purpose
vehicle. Performing duties on campus, around
the job site or just around town. Standard
with hatchback, halogen headlamps, self
canceling turn signals, three point anchored
seatbelts, automotive safety windshield,


Feel the breeze on your face in the Tropic,a four
seater rag-top. Ideal for warmer climes but still
equipped with many the It's standard features
like self canceling turn signals, seat belts and
automotive safety glass.


The work-mate to the Utility, the It Van has
42 cubic liters of cargo space accessible
through the two paneled rear doors and
the standard hatchback. Ideal as a courier
vehicle or any other delivery type vehicle.